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I'm so excited to share with my my new Live Album recorded at Mediagents in Finland. Some of you will have been with me during this special live stream. It was an awesome night and I'm so happy we got to record it. 


It has been mixed and mastered by the amazing Speedy Saarinen who joined me on a few tracks.


The track listing is as follows - 

Musketeers - Ashby/Ma'oui/Marchisone/Mendoza/Smith

Boys Of Summer - Henley/Campbell

Good Riddence (Time Of Your Life) - Armstrong/Dirnt/Cool

Wild Is The Wild - Tiomkin/Washington

Arthur - Jesse Smith

Ramble On - Page/Plant

The Scientist - Martin/Buckland/Berryman/Champion

Desperado - Frey/Henley

Layla - Clapton/Gordon

Free Fallin' - Petty/Lynne

I Want To Break Free - John Deacon

The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

Jeremy - Ament/Vedder

Innocent Flow - Jesse Smith

Creep - Yorke/Greenwood/Greenwood/O'Brien/Selway/Hammond/Hazlewood

Clowns & Superstars - James Ashby, Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith - Live in Finland (Release Date 01/12/2020)

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